Logic "Beat map" to Cubase "Tempo Detection"

I’m a longtime Logic User and am getting into Cubase.

In Logic my method of conforming the measure map/grid to a free tempo was to record my own click on a midi track and then use Logic’s Beat map function. You can tell it that each note is, for example, a quarter note.

I tried the same thing in Cubase - using the Tempo Detection function on a midi track playing quarter notes and the resulting measure map didn’t remotely resemble my click track.

What’s the best method for doing tempo detection on a midi track that is all quarter notes? Is there a way to define each note value - to ensure more accuracy?


Unfortunately this is not possible, sorry.

I got the idea to export my MIDI click as SMF, open in Logic and perform the Beatmap, then export again (with new tempo info) to Cubase.

However, the saved Cubase “.midi” file opens in Logic with no midi information. (I also tried opening in Avid Sibelius notation software with the same result).

I left the default midi file export settings. The only midi information in my file is my recorded click track. The rest is audio.

Is there a step I am missing when it comes to exporting midi files in Cubase?


Could you attach a screenshot of the Export Option dialog, please?

I’ve been changing these settings up a bit since the OP. It didn’t seem to change anything. If memory serves this was the default setting.


You export Markers, but I don’t see any Markers in the project. I would recommend to export the Locator Range.

Thanks. I tried turning off everything except Locator Range, but same result. The resulting file has .midi at the end. I’m used to seeing .mid at the end of SMF’s. Is there something different about Cubase’s SMF’s?

Just to review I’m simply going to File → Export → MIDI File…


You can change the extension to *.mid. It doesn’t matter.

OK. I’ll try to solve this problem later. I re-recorded my midi click in Logic, then saved that SMF and brought it into Cubase with Tempos and Time Signatures. Worked great. I’ll stick with that for now.

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