Logic Beat Mapping? Newbie Trialing Cubase.

Hi. Total Cubase newbie here looking to switch from Logic due to folders, expression maps and other functionality that will help with my orchestral work.

Anyway, in Logic there is beat mapping that I use for taking say a piano performance played free style and then I map the performance to the tempo track and then we have a flowing tempo track that variates with the performance. I then can use this for other tracks to tie to the tempo

Does Cubase have anything similar? Quick Google search doesn’t come up with anything but it’s late and I’m tired!

Hoping someone can quickly point me in the right direction


Yes Cubase can do this easily.

Download the Cubase manual and look at page 469.

“Time Warp Tool” - let’s do the time warp! Funny name :wink:

Didn’t even realise there was a manual - didn’t get installed when I installed Cubase - they should have a printed one but I guess that topic will have been done to death already since it’s been out a year now!