Logic Editor for HiHat mapping

Hi all, I just bought a wonderful Alesis Strike MultiPad, for now I’m using as hihat pedal a normal piano sustain pedal. This is enough to control the internal sounds. Now, I’m trying to use this configuration to play drums from virtual instruments in cubase. All is perfect and very enjoyable and greatly useful for a more human drums programming, except for the hihat: the Multipad sends a same note for both open/close that are pedal-dependant, when usual midi mapping uses two distinct notes.
Is there a way to make the Logic Editor to change the note pitch from incoming midi when the sustain pedal is pressed?
This would allow to change the midi from A#1 (open hihat) to F#1 (closed hihat) while the pedal is pressed, as in a real drum.

I searched a lot on the net, and I tried various solutions in the Logic Editor, but with no results… any suggestion ?
I think this can be useful to all those who uses multipads for drum programming as me

Thank you, Fabrizio :slight_smile:


I’m afraid this is not possible. You would need to search for the last Sustain value to be able to change the Note Pitch, what is not possible as far as I know.

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That’s what I think also, and I have tried to use the Last Event option in the Input Transformer Filter Target column but it is too limited to be useful, in this case.

And we still have the antiquated Macro language which doesn’t even allow the use of variables to save some environment/contextual values such as the last CC64 one received. :pensive:

Maybe something like Bome Translator could help, in your case…

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Bome Translator seems so promising, I will study it !
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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