Logic Editor Question


Is that possible to split the head of a note by 1/32 note, if greater than 1/32 which we assume? E.G. if note is a quarter then it cuts it as follows!
Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 1.08.54 PM.png
What about shifting the first note up by one diatonic note? so that, the quarter note on F4 becomes 1/32 G4 then 31/32 note on F4.

It would be great if someone could help out.


You could make a Macro consist of multiple steps:

  1. MIDI Logical Editor to Length > Subtract (to 1/32)
  2. Duplicate the (short) Note
  3. MIDI Logical Editor to Length > Add (to 31/32).
  4. Select previous note.
  5. Transpose 1 semitone up.

Duplicate does not work on my end. Another issues is that ( edited OP), what if the note is not 1/4 note!

It seems the cut notes Tool does not work if the notes are not tied together! Now sure why?

Is that possible to create an expression map to play this? like if I put an open circle to play this. I suppose this is not possible.


Yes, this was meant to be as a specific solution for the specific task.

You are right, it’s not possible to create an expression map like this.

I knew it is not possible, since once you change the note, you don’t know what was the length of the original note. Because LE does not offer user memory allocation.

If Steinberg add had allowed users to declare and initialize their own variables in LE editor, ( holding the length of the original note, or the actual note object as in object-oriented programming), this would be possible. I posted this as a feature request to LE editor, but seems like no one like it.

Adding this even a single memory/variable to LE would be like advancing from arithmetic to algebra.


In general, to be able to declare own variables in the LE would be very welcome, as far as I know.