Logic editor

Hi I am trying to set up logic editor to transpose multiple prg changes to note numbers. for instance prg 1 to note number 60 prg 2 to 61 etc etc. I have tried many combination within the editor but it sets all the prg to the same note number. is it possible to do this or will the editor only do 1 at a time. would appreciate any advice…

Upper Section…
Type is___Equal___Program Change

Lower Section…
Type___Set to fixed value___Note
Value 1___Add___59
Value 2___Set to fixed value___64 (the note on will need some velocity value… I chose “64” in this example)

Function = “Transform”

But of course, while that will indeed generate Note Ons, there will be no way to generate a corresponding Note off :wink:.

Thank you !! Very much appreciated, your answer is so logical. I just didn’t see it.
Tried it, works perfect.