Logic is...illogical

The other week I had to use Logic with some a Midi file I’d exported from Cubase.

Since splitting a track up is a DAW function rather than part of the MIDI standard Logic showed each track as a continuous track. So I had to split it up, to make it easier to make corrections.

Man, what a mission that was!

In Cubase it’s easy: Click on the scissors tool and snip wherever you need to.

In Logic: Select a range (like you would for a loop, or to set the beginning and end for a mixdown), then click on the track, then click on the ‘Region’ button to call up a menu, choose ‘Split’ to call up a sub-menu, choose ‘Split by selection’.

The only advantage of the Logic method is it creates two splits to Cubase’s one split. Not much of an advantage at all…

To have to do it once was annoying, but I had to do it LOTS of times. Argh!

Good to hear Cubase is still king in the MIDI field, as it always has been (heard the same agony about PT MIDI). Maybe Sonar comes close since it stems from Cakewalk, but I doubt it. I personally always hated list editing myself, so I could be biased…