Logic of the Mute status setting and Midi Control Change

Hi Team,

I would like to ask you if an alternative logic is conceivable for setting the Mute status of a Mixer channel via Midi Control Change.

Currently with a Midi Control Change it is possible to invert the state of a Mute button by switching it from ON to OFF and vice versa through the use of Actions and Shortcuts.

I ask you if it is possible to control the state of the Mute button of a Mixer channel with a value associated with a Midi Control Change such that, for example, you obtain:

  • Data2 value in [0, 63] → Mute OFF
  • Data2 value in [64, 127] → Mute ON

I ask this because the current management of the state of the Mute button via Midi Control Change is something obviously determined by the initial state of the same button on the first Part of the Song and this is not easily manageable in the preparation and saving of a Song.

I hope I have managed to explain my reasoning and the necessity that follows from it.

Hoping for your feedback, thanks in advance. :blush:

You are correct.
With the upcoming version (probably today), all but the “Toggle” UI type will switch based on MIDI data2 values (0-63 off, 64-127 on).
Btw, this also allows to program mute (and other) states with MIDI tracks via virtual ports.

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Hi @musicullum,

great news! :slight_smile:

Thank you and I’m waiting for the new release. :wink:

Hi @musicullum,

the new UI management via Midi Control Change message is exactly what I needed and seems to work perfectly.

Thanks for introducing the new logic, a nice help also for automating the Mute status of a Mixer channel or Layer/Stack. :blush: