Logic Pro for iPad and Dorico for iPad

I’ve been trying Logic Pro for iPad and have found that I can export MIDI from Dorico iPad then import to Logic. This would seem to make the iPad an incredible portable composing tool. Has anyone tried this with Cubasis? Annoyingly I’ve only got the Android version.

You can indeed share MIDI from Dorico into Cubasis if you like, and indeed vice versa.

That’s great Daniel, thanks. I’ll wait for the next Steinberg sale!

transferring midi between D5 (Dorico 5) and LPX (Logic pro) / Cubasis is great, however I wish it was possible to connect these apps with ableton link, and play D5 and record the midi in LPX / Cubasis. Wish Dorico Team will include this feature in future updates.

Like any new software it’s taken a bit to smooth over the iPad version but since the 5 release I’ve been using it every day with zero issues. With the WIDI plug, a full sized keyboard, Apple full sized keyboard and trackpad you’re able to do basically all your writing, without having to fool around with a computer.

Exporting to Cubasis is an interesting idea, not sure what I’d use that for, if anybody has an interesting use case would like to hear it.

Logic will also import MusicXML, which provides more data than MIDI.

Thanks for the MusicXML tip Ben.

Dan, one user case. I’m learning to play jazz guitar and create backing tracks to practice to. I like to do the note entry in Dorico for the guitar and other parts so that I can print the score. Then export to a DAW so that I can record my playing (a sobering experience) and have more flexibility with the MIDI parts.