Logic Pro Key short cuts in Cubase 12?

Hi All I’m new to Cubase 12 , I’m just trying to set up logic key command to get me going , I found a drop-down menu which says logic I can see some key commands are okay but they don’t seem to load any ideas ?


What do you mean, please?

Sorry that’s not clear I can see the drop-down list saying the key commands. I click on them say logic, and I don’t seem to load. But I’ve checked again and maybe the loading. It’s just that the logic key commands are wrong. I’ve started making my own and I’m guessing I just need to keep re-saving as I go? How is the name of the key command seems to disappear when I edit a key command


It’s very long ago, when the order was created. So it doesn’t match current Logic Key Commands anymore.

ok thank you , so can I check when I start editing my own short cuts , do I need to keep saving to my drive with a new name ? or old name a replacing , as current preset seem to just end up named " - "

You don’t actually need to save at all… Cubase remembers your edited Key Commands if you press the OK button to the bottom right.

Of course if you want to save a preset, you only need to save it once you’re done. You can rename an existing saved preset by selecting it, then holding Alt/Option and clicking its name.


Cubase stores the settings while Quit. Until the Quit, it’s just temporary settings. I’m saying this, because it won’t be stored, if Cubase would crash during the session or while quit (even silently).

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Okay, coming from logic, it seems odd behaviour. I understand that it’s temporarily storing I can see that as I add and test key commands, but if I were to accidentally say, select Cubase 5. Or any one of the other settings, it seems to delete what I’ve been working on.!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I found myself adding a few key command, testing them and then quickly saving it

I can’t see the name of the saved presets , I just get a simple name dialog , if I can remember the old name then yes I get an replace option