Logic Pro X is out.

Looks like Logic is trying to catch up with Cubase…


uumm very interesting to see logic has rethought it’s ui and added certain functions ,could this be the reason why Steinberg released C7 so early ?

Quite possibly.

“Flex Pitch”, logic’s Variaudio, cool, and a FREE well designed Ipad app…Not to mention all the other great Logic stuff.

A clever overlay likewise makes it easy to bypass inserts or open up their settings just by clicking.

Used to need to double-click all sends and inserts in Logic. This clip makes it sound like Apple worked to reduce the amount of clicking whereas Steinberg actually increased the “click-load” for C7.

It doesn’t sound like Logic’s bus implementation scheme has been changed, however, so Cubase may still be the DAW to beat for complex bus situations (like 5.1 mixes with child bussing)…

Will definitely be picking up Logic X AND looking forward to the next C7 update (waiting on UAD compatibility!)


also looks like garageband 2

look at the difference in price tho…Cubase is waaayyy too expensive. they need to get with the program.

What is the program SB should get with exactly? Match the price of the lowest price competitor? The other DAWs that include midi, score and audio editors, DP and Pro Tools, don’t cost $200 to buy, as far as I know.

Also, you can’t resell your license to Logic. Cubase (and the others) you can sell or buy used.

It will be interesting to see what is new in Logic.

edit for sp

never used logic but first thing i was notice is the single wave image on stereo tracks… also now with logic pro x !!! what’s that ? :unamused:
and is the dark grey is the new fashion for DAWs ?!!
also there is fix price for all… no upgrades price ?!! (its not expensive though)

It’s time for steinberg to release 7.5…for free!!!

Interesting… :wink:


Logic´s Flex Pitch = Cubase´s Vari Audio
Logic Control iPad = Cubase iC Remote Controller iPad
Smart Controls = Quick Controls
new Retro Synth = Retrologue VSTi Synth
Midi Plugins, Arpeggiator = Cubase has this since years
Amp Designer, Drummer, new Loops = don´t care. I had enough vsti´s, libs…

so-so… :nerd:

+ 1 !!!

7.5 with…fixed Mix Console/GUI!!!
and maybe…
and “Bounce-In-Place”
and “Drag/drop-to-Kontakt-Sampler”
and Halion 4 (or maybe 5), (+ The Grand, Orchestra)
(and all Steinberg´s Loop/Sample/Libs…?)
Why not??
that would be fair and an adequately deal.
The competition is not sleeping - as we have seen today…

I would be more than happy with a fast, responsive and coherent interface & mixer. All without bugs, of course.

Let me choose my own VST instruments and libraries, instead of charging for ones I don’t need. It’s a sequencer after all.

you´re right. it was just a comparison to logic X.

very well said :wink:

Logic Pro X does look nice but there are no real innovations as far as I can see. Most of the new features have been taken from things that Cubase and Digital Performer (the only other DAWs I know) have had for years. I’m not sure if the handling of multi-timbal instruments has improved at all.

If Steinberg would improve the new mixer and use a less crappy font for the Cubase 7 edit windows, I wouldn’t even think of getting the new Logic, but…

BTW I think it’s nonsense to compare the price of Logic to other professional DAWs - Apple can afford to sell it at a loss to force people into buying their hardware. I’m a Mac user but do like having the option of switching to PC.


The Drummer. These events on drum track are midi or audio? They look like audio loops and changing when tweaking ? Easy.

how so? It’s $200 bucks to upgrade to Logic X. It’s $150->$200 to upgrade to Cubase. If you are talking about someone who is at ground zero without a DAW at all, then by that “logic” everyone needs to catch up with the times and buy Reaper.