Logic to Cubase

Anyone knows an equivalent in Cubase of Logic Pro LINK MODES ?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

In Cubase it works different way. The Editors either follow the selection (so whatever you select in the Project, all Editors show its content) or the Editors are independent and show the content, you have just selected once you opened the Editor (so you can keep the view in the Editor even though you select another MIDI Part).

Hi Martin! Thanks!
So are there two different kind of Editors?
Or can I choose one of the two modalities to open a single editor?


There is:

  • Key Editor
  • List Editor
  • Drum Editor
  • Score Editor

All of these behave the same, moreover you have an option to open any Editor in the Lower Zone or in the separate window. The settings I described is global for all of them the same.

Moreover there is the In-place Editor. What is Key Editor in the Project window’s track.

Ok, so, if I am correct, there are a stand alone and the consolidated version is below the main window right?
Wich one is not going to follow any next selection?

As Martin said above, the setting to follow Event Selection in the Project window is global. If set, it applies to all editors.

I will explore the two possibilities.
Thanks for the answers!


You can choose if any editor would open in the window or the Lower Zone. You can sign a Key Command to either of the option.

But the “Editor Link” is the global settings.