Logic X????

Apple have just released a new version of Final Cut Pro which looks like imovie. Wonder if they’ll be releasing a new version of Logic that looks like Garage band… Cubase killer? For me the tiny text of Logic was the only thing stopping me from using it. Garage band is lovely to use, so Logic X may well be trouble for Cubase…

Steiny had better watch it’s arse!!! Fix the lane issue quick before it’s too late!!

And your question / Problem concerning Cubase 6 | Cubase Artist 6 | Cubase iC is…?
Also no need to post this across different forums…

Dream on dreamer… :laughing:

Wrong forum, man…


Logic = garbage with a totally outdated audio sound engine. (no kiddin´)


Chris where are you?

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This forum is for Cubase users to discuss topics relating to the use of Cubase.

There are forums such as Gearslutz.com or Mac OSX Audio where folks can ask questions about and discuss various DAW with a mixed crowd. There are several fairly objectives threads that compare DAW A to B to C over at Gearslutz.

You might try posting your comments there. :laughing:

Hmmm… K I guess I touched a nerve there…

Anyhoo… you’ll please pleased to hear I’m getting my brand new DAW tomorrow sandy bridge 16GB ram with SSD. Gonna run Cubase 5 on it… If it works well, I’ll post up the details of the guy who made it for anyone getting a DAW in London UK.

Apple have just released a new version of Final Cut Pro

Simply untrue. It has not been released yet.

…just sayin’

Well, Apple need to fix Logic. No doubt about that.

Apple have put a lot of resources into Garageband and the new iPad version is fantastic. But Logic has never become what the users was hoping for when Apple bought Emagic. And look how Cubase has evolved over the same period of time :slight_smile:

Logic ??

Is that the music program where you have a whole computer that works as a dongle ? :open_mouth:



yes and it is the program people swear on the included awesome sounding plugins and sample librarys. Try out Logics amp simulation. Holy fun playing around with it. I rarely know people who did the step to this program with any wants using an other Sequencer. Played around with an ipad and Garage Band on the way to the Musikmesse Frankfurt for fun. Holy great little tunes came out of it.

and then people arived at Musik Messe (where all DAW manufactures are) looking for the Logic booth, and found out that Logic is not present at Messe :wink:


All Logic-Plugins are totally over rated.
The Synths sound like plastic, the audio features are light-years-back. Sorry.
(I know what I´m talking, because I use logic and Cupendo every day)
Logic´s Amp Simulation:

My impression is that most logic user come from the dance/electro area. Most of them are hobbyist and bedroom producer.
And they only buy the cheaper MacBooks and “loan” a logic copy from a friend, because the adolescent have no money, but would like to make music to please their parents with their own songs, click-by-click, It happens so fast then the song finished! it´s so easy with Logic! And they think logic sounds sooo great and had such perfect and professional plugins and ready-made-loopedy-loops on stock, so that no one does need anything else! wow!
this already sounds so good when I write it. maybe I should also switch completely to logic…(?)


how unprofessional is that…? unbelievable.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

yes, maybe Apple do not have to battle … :wink: They simply rock without a booth as Logic was
present on many work stations of manufacturers like Apogee, Thermionic,… :wink: Thats funny. Logic was very present to me. I played around in logic in most booths… But you are right, they did not have their own booth :wink:

Serious question - if Logic is so good, why are you here?

because i am a cubase user for more than 10 years.
If i calculate the system costs i put in my actual system and recalc what is needed to get logic running as fast i pass ten years cubase experience, 12k minimum i spent in the whole cubase based pc system and the biggest point are
all the projects from the past years are Cubase projects so i´d need to go with a parallel system.

So it would make sound sense to build up a second logic control room if your hands and feets are in the cold water since this time. I live with cubase and produce good stuff with it - mostly use 3party plugs. I miss an adequate Cubase “oneandonlyproduct” philosophy. My experience with promises, bugs, user wishes, pro user wishes, quality of cubase plugs, instruments and the Steinberg-Output are splitted. i have the feeling everything what would be really cool for cubase to integrate must be checked twice with Nuendo, Sequel and Steinbergs Marketing stands that no product beats out the other one. This may be a point were many great tools are not longer refined in cubase beside tight time lines cause the mass of other Steinberg products…

At moment this point is not as big that i would spent more than 5k in a new system.
But the idea is there, Logic is great, you can bet that most stuff Logic comes with is greater than great.
Maybe the fact that Apple does not stand between three Sequencer products that could beat themself out. They have one flagship and the philosophy fits just right. Also the philosophy of Avid Protools. I like those guys a lot. They rocked the booth in Frankfurt while Steinberg had to fight with license problems…

There is something very wrong about Steinberg marketing department.
Most magazines say that Cubase is playing catch up with Logic. I see the opposite.
IMO Cubase is so much more advanced and logic than Logic itself that makes me wonder: Do Steinberg need a turtle neck nerd to do the presentations or what?

Logic (with Apple) has done one MAJOR thing for the entire DAW community,

$499.00 USD

Before this all major DAWs were around $700.00 to $1000.00 but
when Apple bought Logic and lowered the price, all DAWs followed suite.

We all benefited from that development.

Now if Apple could just do that with healthcare and gas prices…?