Logic X????

I believe you nailed it there sir!
All DAW’s have their strengths and weaknesses, so I won’t argue one over the other, but Steinberg does seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to “the publics opinion”. I think 90% of their campaign is word-of-mouth. But then again, I’m happy with my private little DAW, eyes only for us, with all that hidden power. I say let the world believe what it wants to believe, let Steiny keep its rep by not entering the product promotion war like other companies do, and let it stand on it’s own merit.

We all know the marketing hype and the music it popularizes. Just my personal view, mind you, but I for one enjoy those small parts of the universe where the “deep end” is deeper than a kiddie pool. :laughing:

That major thing was to devaluate Logic 7 owners copy price a lot and bring more customers to the upgrade cycle. Clever, uh?
When Steinberg did the same, since i own two licenses, forget about selling one. If i get 200€ for something that costs me, in the first place, more than 700€, i can I´m lucky. :unamused:

You bet!
Plus i have the satisfaction of believing myself more informed than the editor of most magazines i stop buying.

Logic has no more dongle, we know what it means.
It is known that many users can be free to copy logic, they add a cheap macbook, then these inglorious guys have an all-in-one daw studio.
Some say “Apple has removed the dongle to sell more hardware”. Ergo: not untrue, and maybe also a dubious business practice? who knows…

i was disappointed in what way they presented at Messe 2011.
Most often if we expected a meaningful A/B demo with standard plugs that
you can hear some differences to the yamaha series for example we were reproved to the background booths
to listen to what they could not demonstrate live…
Talks were about how great the new yamaha plugs sound, based on analog gear and
that the tube simulation “is not just an digital emulation” it makes the sound so much warm as we can listen later in the presentation… when it came to that point to talk turkey we were reproved to the background booths again… :unamused:
And I did not expect that they move all windows in the mixing presentation as often as i do. I asked myself why they did not improve this for a better workflow … Yes every one who does big promises need a turtle if the Output is not as fine. Avid for example (one booth beside) did maybe a better preparation. It was really fun watching their sequencer presentations. Great workflow, less words, more sound. All in all a good Sequencer for audio without needs for 3Party Plugs.

The pro site of Cubase is all the Midi stuff. You can arrange midi in a very great way.
when it comes to Audio and VST all the windows you have to move, plugins that are hidden by the mixer, put them on top again, limited plugin-slots, bad sound of most standard plugins and samples,…
There does Protools and Logic point. Steinberg could optimize that.
Here have been very great discussions about the GUI since years.

IMHO the best way would be to use cubase only for midi and vst → recording to
protools for audio and logic for creative stuff between.


Talks were about how great the new yamaha plugs sound, based on analog gear and
that the tube simulation “is not just an digital emulation” it makes the sound so much warm as we can listen later in the presentation… when it came to that point to talk turkey we were reproved to the background booths again

It was so laut this year at Musik Messe, so you could not heared how the plugin sounds. That is why we have send the people after the show to the workstations to the workstations at the side, where also questions could be answered by us.
And it was not a Cubase presentation, but a presentation about the new VST plugins

Here a picture of the Avid and Steinberg booth on the first day at Musik Messe 2011 (don’t take it to serious) It was nice to see Avaid back on Musik Messe. They did also not show up 2 years when I remember right.



What a stupid thread because there is no better just different or preferred.

To err is human, to forgive is divine! :wink:

this is not true they have been there 2010 in Frankfurt:

sorry this is just your personal opinion. I have very different and opposite impressions given by the fair over the whole days.
BTW: have fun in the logic forum! remark: complain is not a solution.


this is not true they have been there 2010 in Frankfurt

Ah OK. We have not seen them last year. Thanks for pointing !



:laughing: Apparently taboo.

Yes, Logic runs on a computer. No need for an extra stupid peace of plastic connected… :wink:

software must be protected somehow, understandably. a small usb dongle is the least detrimental, IMHO.

I wouldn’t call it “least” detrimental compared to no dongle at all like many others don’t have but…

Cubase’s dongle never really bothered me that much personally, plug it in and forget about it… but if they got rid of it I wouldn’t go into mourning. :laughing:

But calling the Mac a “dongle” for Logic is like calling a computer a dongle for any software that only runs on Linux or Windows. It’s really childish, especially coming from an official company rep like a mod. :unamused: I suppose Wavelab needed two dongles (the actual dongle and the computer) when it only ran on PC?

If Steinberg had a proprietary OS that runs only on their own hardware, they wouldn´t mind a little bit with piracy, like PTHd some time ago or Logic in the present day, hence logic losing the dongle because it would affect their hardware sales.

Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing Cubase adopt the NI method of validation, i.e. connect to the Internet once; download the validation key based on the printed serial number; and then be done with it. Plus, NI can be activated on two computers (presumably home based system and portable, laptop-based).

No USB dongle needed.

In fact, I wrote a four part article on license keys that appeared in Code Project. Combine the use case described therein with a web-service that provides two factor authentication and you have a dongle-less solution. :wink:

this is the stereo version.

what are you talking? many people find just the midi area in logic well, but hate the audio area. (I can understand) because of the very bad audio editor, the lousy sound engine, waveform editing, missing fade and volume handles, and much much more.
erm, it really sounds as if you were hardly tested logic.
compare the standard plugins, cubase vs. logic: the inflated logic gui deceptive everywhere, especially regarding logic´s plugins.
We know: cubase plugins are small and have few parameters, but they meet their purpose and sound really good.
Who hears the sound did not differ and means logic is audio king has problems with ear.

(I use both daws every day, my well-reasoned opinion)


I hear that Sonar just uses a simple universal reg code for the user that can be used on any system. Not sure how many times you can install it, I never owned it, but it seems to be “as much as you need”.

Vegas uses simple web authorization and you can authorize it on as many systems as you want, they don’t set a limit there although I assume if you had 25 systems authorized they’d probably wonder why. That assumes that anyone even regularly looks at that or that there is an “alarm” on the system that triggers an audit when you cross a certain number of installations. No idea… but I’ve had about 8… 3 or 4 on systems that I don’t even have anymore.

Most others seem to be somewhere in-between those two things. Studio One gives you 5 auths to start but will reset them and give you another 5 if you run out due to frequent system hardware changes or OS installs or something, with no questions at all. They don’t seem to worry too much about it, or the cracks.

I think (maybe) you can install Logic as many times as you want. Samplitude and similar? No idea.

Cubase and I guess PT seem to be the only two strictly enforcing the “single use” part of the licensing with no latitude at all. Most others you can run concurrently, they know people probably do that, and they don’t really seem to care all that much.