Logical Editor: Add Filter type based on Text or Articulation Map

I would love if we could filter, select and manipulate MIDI notes in the Logical Editor by Text and / or by Articulation.

I guess the obvious would just be able to filter by Text, as the Text field seems to inherit its text from the selected Articulation when using an Expression Map.

Thanks in advance.


That would be great. Especially if all elements that display in the Score Editor could be included in filters.

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Waking this back up. Why do we not have access to articulations in the logical editor? Seems kind of basic and incredibly useful. You could write presets for timing offsets that would make your libraries play so much more accurately, or change all Staccato to Spiccato, or really anything. Steinberg?

I wonder why there is only one vote, instead of 3?

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Thanks for waking it up :slight_smile:
yes this would definitely still be one of the most wanted additions for me!

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I remembered to vote just now, thanks!

As far as I know the scripting in Logic doesn’t know what Art switches are either. Would be a major leap ahead. The community would likely step in to make scripts for articulation timing offsets (until manufacturers got on the bandwagon and did this with their releases, as CSS has - they are really ahead of the game). But at the moment all you could do maybe is not use expression maps and then have a LE preset that says “if this note event happens at the same time as this CC and this CC value, move the note and the CC by this much”.

This is a huge deal. How many times have you heard in broadcasts when it’s clear someone didn’t adjust an otherwise serviceable bit of score for timings? How many times have libraries blithely released uneven-sounding attacks and said “here, just cut the attack off and that will be fine”?

I hope for two things -

that this feature is enabled;

and that sample player developers come up with a sync marker spec for libraries that allows them to offset notes being played back to be in time. (Obviously would have to be aware of when a track is recording so it wouldn’t try to do it then.)

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Bringing this back around.

Logical Editor Presets that address events tagged with Articulations would be utterly amazing for those of us who use keyswitching and want to be able to do offsets for things like legato with a button push.

Example: “If the event is a note and it has an articulation tag set and the track name contains the text “CSS” and the articulation name contains “legato” and the velocity is a certain number or lower, offset the note-on earlier by x amount and extend the duration by x + y.”

Even more flexible would be macros that allowed an input value pop up - so if you ran the macro and typed 24 and Enter it would take that value and change the Q resolution to 16th triplets.