Logical Editor - auto - number tracks

Hey guys,

I want to combine the “prepend” and “generate name” functions of the PLE. I want it to number all tracks basically, starting from 00 to XX. I have not found a way to combine these. Anyone else maybe?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Man, this forum is DEAD.

Cubase does not seem to have an active (helpful) userbase.

REAPER ftw. But unfortunately I am stuck with Cubase at school and many studios, oh well…

Sorry… I didn’t see your original post.
You are right… it doesn’t seem to want to perform both “Name” operations in the same preset (I tried “Generate Name” then “Prepend”, then the other way around,… seems to take into account only the last operation).
Only solution I can think of… do it in two stages.
But why do you need to Prepend anyways? Can’t you just write it into the start of “Generate name”? It gets suffixed incrementally, starting with the number in Parameter 2 in any case.

You might be making an assumption based on little data. The Cubase forums are very active. Although the sub-forum that is focused on an old version which hasn’t been available for a couple of years only sees a tiny portion of that traffic (as should be expected).