Logical editor auto stretch notes (humanization)

Hi! I have a problem with my vst bass. In pattern when I make my notes with random quantization, they sometimes overlap each other and, for example, the note that the previous one overlapped is no longer played. I have to manually correct them. Can I somehow stretch these notes randomly using the logical editor, so that if one note stretches towards the next, the beginning of the next note also stretches along with it. Or is there another way to humanize. Thanks

How do you randomize? There are different ways, e.g. on the track through MIDI Modifiers or the MIDI insert plugin with the same name. Or in the Key Editor using “Rough Quantize” or by using the Logical Editor.

If it the latter ones you can use the function “Delete Overlaps” in the Key Editor (tab “Length”). You can assing a key command to it. There are two options, either mono or poly.

Im using macro with rough quantize and random velocity on it. Thanks for this tip, it is very useful for me