Logical Editor can't reference a track that's in a hidden folder

I’m trying to create a Logical Editor shortcut that will toggle the solo state of a group track. However, I’m finding that if the group track is in a hidden folder, the Logical Editor can’t find it / can’t execute the command.

See video below:


This is by design. Only the visible tracks are affected. Most users don’t want to change something, what they don’t see. This is the WYSIWYG principle.

Martin, did you watch my video? It works with hidden tracks, just not with hidden folders.

The trick is to create a macro with the PLE, with the key command that opens all folders before the PLE in the macro.


Obviously I was wrong, sorry. First of all, the Logical Editor Solos even the hidden tracks.

I can reproduce it. It seems, if the folder is hidden and collapsed, it’s not applied to the child tracks.

Is it possible to re-close the folders after the macro runs, though? It would be really annoying to have all of my hidden tracks and folders get unhidden by running this operation

you need to create a macro consisting of two PLE shortcuts:

  1. find a track and unhide it.
  2. find a track and perform the action you need.

If the track is in a hidden folder, this folder will become visible (there’s no way around it), but any other hidden tracks in the folder will remain hidden.