Logical Editor (Converting 12/8 to 4/4)

Every now and then I find myself needing to convert a 12/8 MIDI track to 4/4.
Here is another thread discussing complex to simple time conversions: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21371
The Logical Editor is the perfect tool to do this kind of MIDI conversion.
The only problem is: One look at the interface and it can be easily dismissed as too daunting. How can I possibly learn enough about the tool to make it do what I want in the 15 minutes I’ve allotted for the task?
My first thought was to fire up Vim and edit one of the preset files in AppData. When I tried that, all I got was a binary string, crap.
Then I noticed the preset loader at the top of the UI.
I knew that what I wanted to do was similar to what was needed for doubling the tempo but with a different ratio, so I clicked on the double tempo preset and the source for the preset was displayed in the editor.
Perfect! The ratio for 12/8 to 4/4 is 3:2 so you can either divide by 1.5 or multiply by .66666667.
It was an easy hack to change the ratio to get what I wanted.
Doing this kind of conversion has been a PITA in every other DAW I’ve used if it’s even possible at all. Cubase makes it easy.
Learn something new every day. :slight_smile: