Logical Editor doesn't recognize CC channels

When using the Logical Editor in Cubase Pro 11, I noticed it no longer recognizes a MIDI CC channel in the Action section (“Value 1” “Set To Fixed Value”) when it was set in the Find Target section.
In Cubase 10.5 when I set the Find Target to “Type is Equal to Controller AND MIDI Controller Channel is equal to 1” the add in the Action section “Value 1 Set to Fixed Value” then the Parameter 1 column becomes a drop-down menu of the CC channel and displays the CC # and channel name.
In Cubase 11 when I set it up the same way the Parameter 1 column just displays numeric values.

Logical Editor Error screen cap

I was about to report this as well as my setup with lemur is not working anymore :astonished:


I’m not sure, but I can imagine, this is an intended change. I remember several reports, where the user changed the MIDI Message Type (for example to MIDI Note) in the Action Target part, but even then, they got the MIDI CCs values for the Value 1. So in the past it looked like this:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
MIDI Controller Channel | Equal | 1)

Action Target
Type | Set to fixed value | Note
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | CC 0 (BankSel MSB)

The Action Target is wrong. Value 1 is the Pitch right now, not the MIDI CC.

So in Cubase 11 the very same settings looks like this.

Filter Target

Action Target
Type | Set to fixed value | Note
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | C-2

But it is still working/functional.

Functional yes but some setups don’t work anymore like before because they were routed that way.


Do I understand you right, if you load a preset made in C10.5 (using this), it doesn’t work in C11 anymore?

From Cubase 10.5 I just heard from colleagues with the same setup as mine. I had the setup on Cubase 8.5 and it does not work on 11 anymore.


Could you share one of the Logical Editor preset file, which is affected, please?

Hi Martin,

sure - please have a look at the attached files.

Initial setting was all what you can see on the screenshot despite the missing CC option in parameter 1. I’ve tried all the different values to check wheter one is working or not - unfortunately without success.

In the Generic Remote settings there is also a minor change (but if it affects the whole thing or not I don’t know). Midi Mixer/Selected/4000 was the initial setting but neither Midi Mixer nor VST Mixer work in this case.

Please let me know if you need anything else :slightly_smiling_face: