Logical Editor for selecting notes in chord +1

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to build a logical editor preset that selects any notes in the sequence that are one half step above a chord tone.

I have it set to select notes in the chord via the ‘Property is set’ command but can’t figure out how to add the ‘+1’ to the selection process.

Any LE wizards out there that can help?


You probably have to specify the exact interval the note’s on. Like this:

If you can tell us more specifically what the use is maybe there’s a better way.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the reply. That wouldn’t work given the nature of chords.

There really is no alternate or larger use other than selecting tones a half step above chord tones. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I wonder if the fact that Cubase ignores the increment or decrement of selections in this case would be considered a bug?

Still trying to work this out and it seems impossible in the current version.

How do you mean this? Increment applies to values, is that what you mean? What have you tried exactly?

Also, are you using the chord track in conjunction with the midi editor?

When using the selection function, the lower area of the logical editor window is ignored.
This area is only relevant for actions, e.g. for the transformation.

If you are working with the chord track, it is possible to select interval tones for the root note of the current chords.
In the following example, the small second (basic tombstone + 1), the fourth (third + 1) and the excessive fifth (fifth +1) are selected.
Unfortunately, I don’t know the correct English terms, but I hope the following picture makes the approach understandable:

But (s)he wants to be able to find notes a half step above or below a chord tone for all the chords at the same time, and since the chords won’t all be of the same type (min, maj, dim, aug etc.) it would have to be done for each chord, one-at-a-time.

The ‘problem’ is mainly that there are no user variables available for this scenario.

I have been voting for the introduction of user variables for years …
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Yes, this has been asked for since the Logical Editor existed.

There might be a way to accomplish what the OP is after, but without understanding the full context of the use-case it’s not really possible propose anything.

Yes exactly.

I’m thinking there might be a way by creating a new Version of a Chord Track and raising the scale by 1/2 step. then you could use the LE to test if it is not in the Chord but is in the Scale. This would be very dependent on the intended use-case - without that it’s just speculating about maybe’s.


Or, duhhh. Create a New Version of your Chord Track and raise all the Chord Events by a half step. Use this version of the Chord Track in the LE to test to see if a Note is in this raised Chord. If it is, then it must be a half set above a Note in the original Chord.