Logical Editor for the Pool

I’ve just been using the Audio Pool to do a lot of preparing of samples, creating slices from hitpoints, regions from slices, and then, in the Pool, bouncing those regions as individual audio files. As detailed at https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/tips_and_tricks/archive_2011/cubase_6_split_audio_files_july_2011.html

It’s a pain in the arse at the moment, as it’s impossible to select all regions in the Pool without doing so manually. So if I have, say, 12 audio files, each with ten regions, I have to select the first region of the first file, then shift-click the last; then apple/cntrl-click the first region of the second file, then shift-click the last… and so on.

PLEASE either employ a simple system that allows me to ‘select all regions in this folder and subfolders’

OR BETTER introduce something like the Project Logical Editor but just for the Pool (or extend the functionality of the current logical editor)… so that I can specify to select all events of a certain type within whatever folders, or associated with whatever audio or video media I want.

(Also… why do regions not get selected in the pool when I Select All, or when I ask Cubase in teh Project page to ‘show all events in Pool’?)