Logical Editor Help

I am trying to create a logical editor function that will help me select the highest and lowest notes in a chord of two or more notes.

Example: I have two bars of 4/4 with eight triads, i would love to be able to select the upper most notes, or the lower notes of the chords.


:bulb: Hi,

Example for straight triads: select highest and lowest note:

“Type” “equal” “Note” AND
“Context Variable” “Equal” “Note Number in Chord” “0” OR
“Context Variable” “Equal” “Note Number in Chord” “2”

Function: Select

It makes more sense to select via the musical meaning like:
“Context Variable” “Equal” “Position in Chord (Part)” “Fifth”

Or if You did compute voicings in a MIDI-part, You can select via voicings:
Context Variable" “Equal” “Voice” “Soprano”

No Chordtrack needed.

This stuff is very special, but these kind of editings are unique to Cubase AFAIK.