Logical Editor - Highest Note of Overlapping Notes

This one escapes me:

I want to find the highest note (out of two or one) but when notes are overlapping I can’t seem to find a good condition for how to pick the highest one.

Fig 1. I want to select that “overlapping” A3 note:

I can pick Note 1 (out of #2 notes), and Note 0 (out of #1 notes), pictured below, but when they overlap I’m lost.

Fig 2.

< scratching head >

How 'bout this? (The Selected property is needed in order to limit the operation to the notes involved only.)

No go.

I can see the logic if your expression, but for some reason

  1. It doesn’t respect Selection (it selects arbitrary notes outside of the selection, and leaves all notes in the selection selected)

  2. If nothing is selected, it selects arbitrary notes in the key editor.

Very confusing.

It does work though. Something else is different in your project or there’s a problem (which you can rule out by starting with disabled prefs.)


Here’s the file I tested in
test_LE-func.cpr (102.8 KB)

This is what I’ve got:

Logical Selection - Not So Logic

What is “disabled prefs” ?

Can you use the windowed editor instead of the the lower zone to test this?

For the other question. see Safe Mode

Same thing.

OK, read that. I also tried that; Same thing, no go.

I do not know what’s going on. Did you try the file I uploaded?

WA(?): Since I managed to Select the lowest notes, can I (in this case) somehow invert the selection? (I know I can invert manually with CTR-ALT-I but…)

Yes. But that one didn’t have the overlap, but still, it had the same problem. (I also tried adding more notes to make them overlap as in my example, still same thing)