Logical Editor. How to insert a value on the info line?

When I’m in the Key Editor, I find I’m often focusing a node for example, pitch bend node, then having to mouse to the Info Line, highlight the value column, then type in ZERO…really often. Too often. I know about snapping pitch bend events and the snap set up grid.

So, I created a macro: Edit info line>tab. That gets me to the Value column, but now I think there should be a Logical Preset I can add to the end of that macro to change the value to zero without me entering zero every time.

So, once the value column is highlighted by the above macro, I can’t figure out how to make the Logical Editor input zero in the info line? It must be simple right?

Why not make a preset that sets the value of the selected item to 0, 64?

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Because I couldn’t wrap my head around 0 and 64. :joy:

The way I learn these is steal from others, then make alterations if needed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find how to make it a simple preset. Thank you sir!

You’re welcome… just as an fyi, there’s two values because pitchbend has a finer resolution than regular midi CCs-- 16,384 possible values from lowest to highest, whereas midi CCs only have 128 – and 128x128=16,384