Logical Editor in C7.5: velocities

Is it possible to copy the velocities of one track to another track with the same rhytmn, but other note values?
Or to change the velocities into modulation values with the logical editor?

Yes, that is one of the things Groove Quantize does.

Yes also, this is done using the Insert function (as opposed to Transform, Select, etc.) in the Logical Editor. (Note that in the lower pane the value display will be generic, i.e., just the number of the value and not the name “Modulation”)

Thanks for the quick reply!
Can you please elaborate on the logical editor a bit more?
And so it should also be possible to change modulation values into velocities?

The logical editor has a bit of a learning curve. Get comfortable selecting and modifying simple stuff first, and definitely read the “The Logical Editor, Transformer, and Input Transformer” chapter in the manual.

Explaining it all is beyond the scope of a forum post. (for me, today, anyway)

I’ll try it with the user manual first!
I am glad it is possible.