Logical Editor in Score Edit- Sibelius like transorming functions :?:

Hello all,

I wonder if it’s possible to program a script in LE that does the following thing:

Mirror the note lenghts from left to right, but remain original pitch.

There is a function in Sibelius that does exactly that. It’s under “transformation > cancer - note values”.

The result should look like this:

Above the original melody and below the result after using that function.

Best regards


You don’t need Logical Editor preset to do this. There is dedicated function: MIDI > Functions > Reverse.

Unfortunately, the Reverse function doesn’t separate the rhythm from the pitches- it only reverses the order of the note start times, and leaves their lengths alone. A related function, Mirror, does mirror the phrase exactly, as in retrograde, but rhythmic retrograde without pitches being touched isn’t available.

Mirror will get you half way there though, and then you could repitch the notes by turning on MIDI Input in the midi/score editors.

That would be an awesome thing to have, for sure.

Thank you steve. This seems to be a good workaround. :slight_smile: