Logical Editor/Input Transform : Replace one note to a Chord

I have a situation where I want to replace 1 note with multiple notes, say I want to replace an event say whenever its C, replace with C, E, G with an input transformer. I am interested in real-time midi editing. How can I do it ?

Been a long time since I messed with the logical editor or input transform.

I think about the pseudo code first.

Each action requires a line.

So you’re wanting to pass the note through no matter what happens right?

Then if it’s a C you want to change it to an E and then repeat that line with a G. Right?

You’re going to have to dig into the manual and see how to do these things.

What have you got so far?

C to E or for that matter anything is a straight forward business, but not for multiple note insertions …

First, please be aware that the Input Transformer does not insert events, it can only transform them or filter them.
You might consider the Chorder MIDI Insert FX (which, like the Logical Editor’s realtime partner, the Transformer Insert FX, doesn’t write the transformed/inserted data into the MIDI track… it is a playback function only (in these older versions of Cubase, you have to then “Merge MIDI in Loop”, in order to get that data into a MIDI Part), but its very purpose is to generate chords of your choosing, to specific input notes :wink:.