Logical Editor / Input Transformer Help?

Was wondering if this can be done. I want to randomize notes that are already laid in the midi key editor. With the default random, you have to set the range of values [like c3-c4]. Is there any way I can set it to randomize to specific notes rather than randomly choose through all 12 notes? Like C,E,G for instance instead of randomizing C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F# or G? I’d assume the script would be kind of complicated for something so simple. Where should I start? Or is there a VST that can do this easier for me? Thanks!

(absolutely not your fault :wink:, but there was a fairly similar request not very long ago, and what started out as a genuine offer to find some kind of solution degenerated to the point of no longer wanting to “help” further :wink: ).
So, starting afresh :wink:
Question #1: The notes that are already in the MIDI Part, are they therefore unimportant to the end result?
If so, I think I can see a two-stage solution (albeit a bit complicated to actually set up)…
Step #1: Like you have already pointed out, use the Transformer Insert FX to randomize those notes (giving you a set of completely random notes on output… up to yourself to decide the necessary range).
Step #2: Add the Chorder Insert FX into a 2nd slot, and for each of the possible incoming notes (i.e; fed from the Transformer), assign an outgoing note that is for example, either C, E or G (maybe in different octaves, for greater variety).
So the result should be as follows…
For each note that is already in the MIDI Part, a totally random note will be output to the Chorder, and the Chorder will output the note that you have assigned to that received note.

A possibly easier step #2 would be to use a 2nd instance of the Transformer Insert FX, to Transpose the randomized incoming notes to Scale (but of course the result would be less specific).

definitely works! bit of a pain but it does what it’s supposed to. I also tried the transposing to specific scale and that’s a lot simpler and I can do it all from logical editor. I was wondering is there a way to customize the scales that cubase automatically gives you or to add your own? I mean that’s all I essentially wanna do. Right now the logical editor is on set random values then transpose to C# Pentatonic. It’s working just wish I could customize it a bit further, but I don’t think the scales are stored in the AppData folder so I doubt I can edit them… If there is a way that would be great!

The only way to customize a scale is via the Chorder plugin. But of course, you only have to set it up once, then store it as a preset. Treat it as a hobby on the nights when the television is lousy :stuck_out_tongue:.

I don’t have access to my DAW for a couple of days, so I can’t explore this to see if it works.

But what about creating a drum map and setting it up to force all the incoming notes to the pitches of the desired scale.

Of course allowing the creation of custom scales (and chords) that work like the built-in ones would be best.