Logical Editor: Insert/Delete CC's where no Data Point

One thing I’m finding frustrating about the logical editor is that there needs to be a data point already present for the logical editor to act on. I’d like to be able to insert/delete a CC value within the cycle range, but unless there is data there already the logical editor won’t do anything.

Which is actually horribly wrong when it comes to CC’s because even though there is no change in value, a CC is CONTINUOUS (hence the term “continuous controller”). So though CC1 is initially set at, say, bar 1, you can consider CC1 to be active all the way through the sequence. If want to, say, go to bar 50 and transform CC1 to CC50, you can’t do it because the data point for CC1 was way back at bar 1.

Hope that makes sense. Curious to know if anyone has a solution.

Hmmm, not really, as I don’t get why you would like to transform suddenly, at bar 50, ‘Modulation wheel’ CC messages to, say, ‘Breath controller’ ones… But if there are two CCs involved, at your place, I would do one or the other of the followings :

  • use two automation lanes : the CC controllers are available in them, as an options ‘sub-folder’ of the MIDI channel one.

  • use either the edit in place or the key editor, then the relevent CC lanes in them.

Much more visual and straightforward than the Logical editor, IMO, unless I am missing something…