Logical Editor Inside Range

I´ve noticed that on MIDI/Logical Editor/

Type is,Equal,Note.
Velocity, Inside Range, 0,127.

Position, subtract, 0:00:01.000, Seconds.

… this does not move the note if the note velocity (key editor) is 127. It does work when the note is set to 126. If I set the Inside Range to 0,126 and the note is 126, it does not work again. A bit annoying as one can´t set Inside Range to 0,128. I also migh be doing something wrong, as been using the software only a month or so.

(iMacPro 11.7.3 / Cubase12Pro12.0.52)

Don’t know why it does that (and can confirm), but here’s a workaround (which you might have already found)

Set the boolean to OR, and Add a line
Velocity | Equal | 127

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Thank you Steve! Will go with your workaround…