Logical Editor: Last Event missing "Note is Playing" option shown in the manual

I’m reading this article: https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro/v11/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/logical_editor_transformer_and_input_transformer/logical_editor_filter_conditions_event_contexts_searching_for_r.html which has the following example:

You can set up the Input Transformer or the Transformer to perform actions only when the note C1 is pressed.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the “Note is playing” option. Is this a bug? Or is the manual not updated and there is a different way to accomplish this?

There are several different kinds of logical editor (easy to mix up until you get used to it):

  • Project Logical Editor
  • Midi Event Logical Editor
  • Input Transformer Logical Editor

They can do different things.

Ohhh now I see “Note is Playing” is only available in the Transformer Logical Editor. Thanks.

Can I ask why not enabling this in the MIDI Event Logical Editor too?

I’m only guessing, since I’m just another Cubase user and don’t have any inside info:

  • The Midi Event Logical editor operates on all of the selected midi events as a group - without the concept of a cursor (the awareness of “now” in time).
  • The Input Transformer Logical Editor works in real time as it sees midi events flying by, so it has an awareness of “now”.
    “Last Event” needs the awareness of “now”, so it can determine what happened just before “now”.

Stephen Hawking would have probably explained it better :nerd_face:

This is a weird excuse. “Last Event” works in the Logical Editor for other options.
Also it doesn’t matter when is “now”, it matters what comes before and what comes after. And that concept of position is completely defined in the “part” editor, not just in real time.

I don’t work for Steinberg, so I’m not trying to excuse anything.

If you think my guess is wrong - ok. – Maybe you know better.

I’m saying this is an undesired behavior and should be fixed by Steinberg

From the manual: You can set up the Input Transformer or the Transformer to perform actions only when the note C1 is pressed.

I want to understand- it seems to me that what the manual describes is indeed how it works. Are you saying the feature appears to be broken on your system (it does work here)?

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Hey, now I see that I missed that it should work only from the Input Transformer and the Transformer. My apologies. So it does work as it should by the manual. But I still don’t understand - why can’t this feature by available from the Logical Editor too…? (Consider this a feature request)

As Stephen Hawking explained above, :rofl: the function requires a note to be playing at the current time. In other words, that a note-on has been received on the input midi port, and a note-off has not yet been received.

So in the Logical Editor the closest thing would be simply Last Event, since the LE doesn’t know anything about the midi input port. @Nico5

A use-case for this would be creating Key Switches within the Input Transformer or the Midi insert Transformer.

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