Logical Editor Macro Problem

I’m forever cutting and pasting things between midi tracks (CC curves for expression, etc) and having to go back and update the channel numbers. I have a very simple Logical Editor Preset to do this:

SetChannel: If Channel <> n then set Channel = n

I set both values to the desired channel number and hit apply.

That gets old. So I made 16 presets, one for each channel number, with the intention of assigning them to shortcuts. When I attempted to assign key commands directly to the preset, all it would do is load the preset - I still had to go click apply…which means an extra trip to the mouse every time. So I, wrapped each of the presets in a macro and assigned them to shortcuts. That gave me 16 virtually identical copies of the same solution, differing only in what channel number is hard coded in the preset.

Macro wrapping Preset mapped to
SetTrackToChannel1 SetChannel1
SetTrackToChannel2 SetChannel2

SetTrackToChannel16 SetChannel16

Here’s the rub…Only the one first one loads the preset and executes it. The rest just load the preset???

If anyone has a better method for keeping channel numbers in sync with assigned vst instrument channel numbers I would be thrilled to hear about it! Thanks!