Logical editor made me easy life with renaming tracks-Yhaooo

just a little thing to share…
i got a project to mix with 100+ Audio tracks and all file names start with the long name of the song following by the actual recorded instrument name !!
oh boy its not possible to identify the tracks cuz only the long name of the song appears on all tracks, i started to delete the songs name on the first 3 tracks, then i just remember that the project logical editor can deal with track names.
i made a simple preset, that deletes the song name from the track(in my case,)…
one click and all tracks left with the actual instrument names !! :sunglasses: cool

Very cool!
I thought the Logical Editor was only for midi unitl I looked in the Project menu.
This is very useful.
Big Thanks!

Can you show us the preset?

yep …i forgot about that :wink:

in lower section(the target area) where is parameter 1(with the “the long train” string name in my example) u type the name you want to delete or replace.

in parameter 2 i left it empty so it replaces the name by nothing(deletes it actually), if you type a name in parameter 2 that name replaces the name in parameter 1.

Find & Replace? In my DAW?

Well that’s damn handy…

thanks mozizo :sunglasses: