Logical editor / midi modifiers & humanize

hello, I have a midi track from which I proceed ctrl + click and in the sub menu I render on the spot then I a new audio file. If I make a copy (duplicate) of this audio file and if I try to rename it cubase also rename the file of which I made the duplicate. I tried applying “reverse” process but cubase reversed the two files, rendered file and its duplicate too. Is normal?
Then a second problem: I modified with logical editor the velocity of midi notes and it went well then I wanted to make the same modification with the position which also worked but in addition to position some notes were suddenly shortened but only when listening and the length remained intact.
It completely disturbed the track. I also tried with the midi modifiers function but with the same result. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?
Thank you

( I intended to “humanize” the midi track )


Once you apply the Reverse process, Cubase would ask you, if you want to apply this to all file instances. Click to New Version, please.

First of all, I would recommend to make a new thread for the other topic.

It’s hard to guess, without seeing the Logical Editor settings.