Logical Editor not behaving as expected when using copy function

This is pretty straight forward, The goal here is that the logical editor will copy any selected notes above C1 to random notes between C-1 and D-1. I have also tried this with a fixed value of C-1. In any case nothing happens. I have a work around for this that requires a few extra steps but I’d rather not have to use those steps especially when this should work.

Can anyone confirm this is not just a me problem?


What do you want to achieve? What is your use case, please? Do you want to add another MIDI Note to the one, which is there already? If this is the case, use Insert instead of the Copy, please.

Yes use Insert. Copy would be like doing a ctrl+c. After you run your LE Preset you should be able to Paste the items - not sure if you’d get the randomized values or not.

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