Logical editor not changing track colors

Hi I am using CB Pro 13. I set up the editor to change track colors but it has not done so after applying preset. I tried on an existing project and also set up a new project using both user and factory presets but to no avail! Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Could you share your Project Logical Editor preset, please?

Hi Martin,

Attached hope its what you needed.
PJL Color Drums.xml (9.4 KB)
PJL Colors.xml (5.1 KB)
PJL Synth Colors.xml (8.5 KB)


Please, use the parentheses correctly:

PJL Color Drums

( Container Type Is | Equal | Track | And
( Name | Contains | Drums | Or
Name | Contains | Snare | Or
Name | Contains | Cymbals ))

You also have some And operators at some lines, which shouldn’t be the case, if I understand, what you want to do.

PJL Colors work for me as exptected.

PJL Colors Synth, again, use the parentheses correctly, please.

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Hi Martin thought I had done that but obviously not. Deleted previous attempts and tried again and it works. My apologies and of course my thanks for pointing out the errors of my ways!

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