Logical Editor not saving action with preset?

I’ve created some note selection presets using the new Logical Editor in C12, and noticed that they stopped working via key command when I restarted Cubase.

It looks like the action dropdown defaults back to ‘Transform’ whenever Cubase is restarted - whereas the selection presets need it to be ‘Select’.

This means opening the Logical Editor window every time I need to use these presets and choosing the correct option from the dropdown, which is a bit cumbersome.

Is this intended, or should the action be saved with the preset?

Initially I thought I could confirm this. But after playing around with this a bit I think this may just be a GUI display bug and not a functional problem.

I have a bunch of existing LE Presets that Select Notes based on various criteria like MIDI Channel or Position in a Chord. After a fresh launch of Cubase 12 when I looked any of these Presets the Select had been changed to Transform just like @jonwright 's pic. But if I change one of them back to Select (and don’t even re-save that Preset) then when I look at any of the messed up Presets they are all now set to Select and not Transform.

I also ran several of the Presets that had been changed to Transform and they behaved as if they were set to Select. But that’s not very definitive since none of those Presets had any actions set in the lower pane, So basically it Selects Notes based on the upper pane and then Transforms them by doing nothing to them (as specified in the empty lower pane) - which is pretty much the same as a plain old Select.

Could you please add an “issues” tag to your original post.

Thanks for looking into it @raino.

I’ve come across a curious workaround. All I have to do is open the LE window and the presets start working as they should.

I don’t need to change anything in the UI, simply opening the window makes the presets work.