Logical Editor Note Values (again)

Sorry, but i’ve searched and been unable to find this…

I’m trying to use the logical editor to randomize pitch between two given note values. Greg Ondo actually shows this on his Steinberg YT channel, but, i can only enter the midi note values, not the actual (C1, C2 etc) note values. If i try and enter actual notes, it just reverts to a number. And it’s kind of annoying and slow for me to look up the note values needed.

Hopefully this makes sense and can someone tell me why this doesn’t work?



I expect, you are talking about the Action Target part, where you can type just the MIDI Note number, not the MIDI Note name, right?

The reason is, Cubase doesn’t know (in the Action Target) that the MIDI Message will be the Note. Therefore it’s using the generic rules, i.e. Numbers.

Yes, this what i mean, bit i’m sure this has worked before. I’m stating that i’m looking for a note in the top filter target and so it should know that value 1 is for note pitch, but it doesn’t.

But, check this video by Greg. It works normally here… so?!

So you have to make sure there is a Note filter in the upper pane.

Yep, people, check the video. And then copy it, exactly. It doesn’t work like it does in the the video and i have no idea why. ‘Note’ filter is in the top pane.

And it is a ‘pain’ too. I’m sure this came up years back and i found a solution. A bug maybe? Dunno, but i’ve been unable to find the solution again…

Sorry, I can confirm. I guess it’s a bug, I’ll check to see if it’s been reported.

I’ve always worked around this by adding Type : Set to Fixed Value : Note as an Action Target.

This however also requires you to add Length : Multiply by : 1, or the events have no length.


EDIT: Technically you can also just add the Type : Set to Fixed value : Note, then Value 1 : Set Random Values between, input the parameters as notes, and then remove the Type : line. Works fine after that even if you modify the parameters.

Yes, that’s a workaround.

Thank dude!!!

The first solution worked - second didn’t but who cares, first one has made my life easier.

Thanks for taking the time out to give me a solution.