Logical Editor preset to delete hidden midi notes

in the piano roll - let’s say there’s a midi note - and under it is a hidden note of shorter duration that does not start or end at the same time as the longer note, and i want to delete the shorter note - the midi functions delete duplicate notes or delete overlapping notes will not do this - is there anyone who has written or will consider writing a Logical Editor preset to do this?
i am willing to pay $50,000.00 for this…


In the upper half of Logical Editor, set this:
Lenght | Less | 0.00.00.XXX | PPQ

In the 3th column (Parameter 1), you have to set the value the longest note, you want to delete. If you don’t want to set it in the PPQ, you can switch the PPPQ to the Seconds, Samples or Frames too.

Leave the bottom half empty. Next to the Function (down) change Transform to Delete. And click to Apply. That’s it.

Thanks for the rewand. :slight_smile:


Just move the event covering the short note to another note (use CTRL so it doesn’t change position), delete the short/hidden note, then move the other note back (again, usng CTRL).

i forgot say that i need t apply this preset to tracks that may have many many of these ‘hidden’ notes…
for this i am willing to pay $75,000.00!

…of different lengths…

Please mail me £75,000 and I will PM you the preset.

ok, check is in the mail, you can post the preset now!

Try doing a Quantise then Delete Doubles then Undo Quantise.

most useful suggestion yet …

Does this not work for you ?

I was wondering about this one. How do we know that, after quantize, Cubase will delete the note that AFTER UNDO QUANTIZE will leave the desired note and not the remnant (hidden) note?

Are your notes hidden, line muted? This can Logical Editor solves too.

Main Logical script must work, for all these notes.


In fact the easiest way to actually see the “hidden” notes, is from within the List Editor, although, of course, that doesn’t automatically solve the problem of selecting them all in one go :wink:. However, it might make it easier to then spot certain common criteria (e.g. minimum note length) for selection via the Logical Editor.

Hi there,
the solution must be a combination of PLE and macro.
It’s a little bit complicated and I’m not on my DAW right now, but I did something similar.

You have to setup a macro which does the following:

do the PLE preset “deldouble”
choose next event
left and right locators to selection

Now we have to do the PLE preset.
It must be something like this:
Choose all events starting on left locator and ending before right locator.
->After that do the macro again (from PLE).

It must be somehting like this. As I said, I’m not on my DAW right now, but it is something like this and it is possible.

Cheers, Matze!

Well that will be a problem however you do it?

I’m thinking that the undesirable notes will have one or both attributes, lower velocity, shorter length so a logical editor setup could look for those conditions once a quantise is done.

If the underlying notes share the same parameters as the top notes ie velocities, lengths, midi channel, timing etc then sorting it via the LE is going to be rather difficult as how does one ascertain just what is the correct note.

May be switching lanes on will help?

Ah! Good idea… Dissolve MIDI Part, using “Dissolve to Lanes” :slight_smile:

Hello, any solution for this problem? Not the $50,0000, the duplicated note problem :slight_smile: