Logical Editor Presets

There are so many things you can do with the Logical Editor, maybe more presets in better organized folders would be nice. Perhaps a place for users to share presets on the internet.

Look here : http://www.midikinetics.com/c_brains.html
even if you not have a iPad C-Brains come with 1200 logical presets …

Looks very nice but would like it in Windows. That is the type of thing Steinberg should take a look at. The Logical Editor was poorly named.

All the presets (more than 1200) can be used in Cubase without iPad or IOS, if you look at my signature I’m on window, and the presets appears in the logical editor preset menu, so…

Its everything the steinberg remote should be but isnt…lol

And you say 1200 presets for the PLE? - why does steinberg not implement more PLE thingamajigs?