Logical Editor Question 2021

Hello all,

I’m trying to convert/transform midi data from my old drum map to my new one. For an example every note “E0” in the event needs to be converted to “D1” and same goes for a lot of other notes.

How would i put this into the MIDI Logical Editor?

For some reason when i put Type is → Equal - Note - E0

in the lower section i can’t put in the note D1, it only let’s me set Velocity values.

(Is this even the correct way to do this?)

So in short:

I want the convert a bunch of MIDI notes to different notes:values (E0 = D1, C2 = F#1, etc etc).



Value 1 in the lower section is pitch. But you still need to do it one by one. Unless you want to move all the notes by the same amount.

It might be quicker doing it manually. Shift + double click first note (to select all notes of the same pitch in key editor) and move up/down using arrow keys.

Have you tried to make a new drum map with the O note remapped to the correct notes? This way all of the mapping can be done for multiple notes just by opening your newly created drum map.

That’s also a great solution! I managed to find a work around by importing the MIDI into the drum software (Superior 3), change the map in there which makes all the midi notes changes automatically as well; and then drag the MIDI from there back into the grid if Cubase.