Logical Editor Question About Copying the Selection a Track Lower

Hi all,

I’m trying to write a preset which when I write I want It copies the selected event to the octave lower and moves the even to the track below.
I unfortunately can’t bring the event to the track below which makes a new midi event.

Is there any way for me to do this via logical editor?

I attach also a photo below

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I think only a macro could maybe do it with a combination of midi logic editor functions
But so far I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work.
i will watch again
Otherwise ask for help from the great Cubase Guru :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there a MIDI Part on the track below already?


I’m thinking about a Macro. Something like this:

  • Navigate > Add Down (this moves the event 1 octave down)
  • Edit > Cut
  • Editor > Open/Close Editor (to close the Key Editor)
  • Navigate > Down (to select the MIDI Part bellow the currently selected one)
  • Editor > Open/Close Editor (to open new Key Editor window)
  • Edit > Paste at Origin (to Paste the MIDI Note(s) to the original position to the new editor)

If you want to Copy the selected Note, then move down, you can Copy + Paste at Origin as the first step before the Navigate > Add Down.

If you don’t have a MIDI Track and MIDI Part (where do you want to paste the new MIDI Notes) yet, use the Logical Editor:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Extract to Track

Btw, you don’t have to use the

Property | Property is Set | is Selected

in the condition, because the Logical Editor is applied to the currently selected MIDI data only.

I hope this helps.


Martin thank you very much,

I will try all these and let you know about it.
And to answer to your question, I want to copy a Midi event rather than a note. And yes there is a midi track below already

I will send a video tomorrow.

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If you want to create a MIDI Part then don’t open the Key Editor on the other track. Paste it after closing the original Key Editor, so you will Paste it in the Project window, what creates a new MIDI Part.

Thank you very much Martin,

I have been able to write a macro with your suggeriment.

And here is my macro;
Edit-Paste at Origin
Editors- Open Key Editor
Edit- Select All
Navigate-Add Down

And It works like a charm!

And meanwhile, may I ask you for another logical editor help?
I want to be able to Copy The Track Names to Events, And I do not want to click Shift+Enter for each one of these.

Is there any way to set a logical editor preset? I have arrived until this point you see at the photo. But I can’t copy and paste the track names, into event names.

Kind regards,

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You can double click the track name (as if you want to edit it) and then press Ctrl + Enter. All parts on the track will then get the name of the track.
Maybe Martin can find out an automatic version of it. Unfortunately there are no variables supported in PLE, like %trackname%.

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Hi Johnny,

Yes I know this way. But however I have resolved it via preferences. There is a setting called change part names etc. that did the trick.