Logical Editor Question: Delete All One Controller

I seem to have lost my LE presets at some point—perhaps when upgrading to C7.

Is there a way to select all controller events of one # and then delete them in one go?

I see how to -Select- all data for one CC# and -then- run another preset to then -Delete- them, but I’d rather be able to do it in one go if possible.

I know there is a MIDI Function to delete CC data, but that’s a nuclear bomb. I just need to remove all of one CC.



What´s the problem with instead of “select” simply chosing “delete” as function…!?
Does not select before eleting, but “in one go” you´d not notice the selection anyway…

Weird. Your suggestion works -fine- from the Project Window. I set this up inside the MIDI Key Editor and it did not work. But that’s OK because my goal was to select multiple events and do it from the Project anyway. Just expected it to work the same way inside the Key Editor.



That’ where I set it up also, and it did work