I am totally confused on how to use this feature. The manual said that I could find Presets in the upper left window. But mine is blank. So, I’m assuming that I have to make the preset and store them first. But I have no clue how to actually build an edit preset to start with.

All I want to do is write a command that will let me select a copied audio or MIDI event and move it up or down in the project window between tracks. Does this ONLY work on MIDI data? Can someone talk me through this? :question:

Are you referring to the Logical editor, which is for MIDI events only, or the Project Logical editor which can be used on both audio and MIDI?

In Nuendo 8, both the Logical editor and the Project Logical editor do indeed have preset menus in the top left of the window and they contain factory presets, as correctly stated in the manual. If you don’t have factory presets present there is something wrong with your installation of Nuendo. What version of Nuendo are you using?

I’m talking about the Project Logical Editor. I want to use it to move audio events. I’m on N8.1.10. It launched the editor from the edit folder, not the MIDI folder. That’s the correct one, yes?

You mean the Edit menu?

The Project Logical editor is in the Edit menu.

You can move audio events along the timeline. See the presets for examples.

Then I launched it from the correct location. All the tutorials on YouTube only refer to the MIDI logical editor. Are there any on the project logical editor? Can I even do the function I mentioned with this tool?

You can move audio events along the timeline. See the presets for examples. AFAIK you cannot move events between tracks.

You can in Nuage. That’s what I was trying to replicate.
1) Select event on track 14 and copy at, say, Bar and copy it.
2) You want to paste it in the exact same spot on track 18. Current method requires that I drag the event to track 18, which will end up at the location point of or, etc. The only way to guarantee that it ends up at is to write it down and copy the address in manually, once it’s moved. This wastes time.

In Nuage, I could copy and paste the event and then use the move button to make it go straight down to track 18 at exactly!

That KC doesn’t actually exist IN Nuendo. So, I was hoping to develop a work-around to do the same thing via the project logical editor in concert with my MC Control. But if that’s not going to be possible, I can stop right now. :frowning: Thanks for your help.

But this is not a job for the LE or PLE. It’s just a simple copy or cut and paste.

A command to move an event up or down does exist in Nuendo, it’s Nudge: Down, or Up.

Two other ways:
Select the event,

  • do Transport-Locate Event
    copy or cut it
    Select the track you want to paste to
    Hit ctrl-v (or your keystroke for paste. )

  • or -

  1. Hold ctrl while you drag the event from one track o the other. Movement is constrained to vertical only. It goes to the same time location.


Yes you could put key commands on the nudge commands.
Or use cut (Ctrl + X) and paste at origin (Alt + V).

I tried that FIRST! It didn’t work. If you select an audio event and then press the up/down keys on the QWERTY keyboard, it just toggles back and forth between the track and the folder (if you have the tracks grouped that way) its in. The event itself didn’t move. When I programmed that KC to my Artist Transport knob, I got absolutely NO RESPONSE.

The ‘Paste at Origin (Alt + V)’ command will do what I need. I’d completely forgotten about that. :blush: I use ‘Insert at Origin’ all the time. But I had totally forgotten about the paste command. That’ll work great! Thanks! :smiley: