Logical Editor, select events matching Cursor position and create event

I’m so happy to see Steinberg expanding the PLE and LE editors capabilities. It’s literally one of the things that makes Cubase and Nuendo more powerful than other daws!

One thing I’ve been missing in the Logical Editor is the filter type: Position → Exactly Matching Cursor.
We already have before and after cursor.

This will be handy if you want to edit events that are only under the cursor, and you won’t have to open up the Key Editor if it’s MIDI.

The other thing that would be handy would be to have a “Create Event” in the functionalities drop down. We can transform, select, delete etc. Using insert is still relating to information that is in the part that’s being edited. So it would be natural to have the option to just create events with parameters from the transform action.

Thanks in advance.

I second that!