Logical Editor Select Quart,Trip,8th,16th Notes

Hi everyone.I am looking to find in the Logical Editor how I can select quarter notes or 8th notes or triplets or 16th notes etc in the key editor. I had seen a video of Junkie XL who had put it on the touch screen he uses. any idea? I have tried everything, I have searched everywhere and found nothing

Update: All right guys,thank you so much for your help.with your help I finally found it and here are the screenshots :slight_smile:

Welcome, @AG_Music

I would do it like this, using the length value to change the notes that should be selected :

EDIT : you can also add a line or even more in the Event target list to extend the notes selection range, using each time the OR boolean operator, like this :

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Whole Note

half note

quarter note

eighth note

sixteenth note

thirty-seconde note

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you can also transform the notes

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