Logical Editor -- Selecting all humanized "And" beats


In the Logical Editor, I’d like to select all the off-beat notes (aka “and” beats) in an entire song which are played on the Closed Hi-Hat. My Closed Hi-Hat pitch is F#1.

Here’s the catch: The notes I want to select were not quantized to exact beats – they’re humanized.

Step 1: For the FUNCTION (at the bottom of the Logical Editor), choose “Select”
Step 2: Add a Filter Target using the “+”, change it to: “Type” equals “Note,” with boolean operator “and”
Step 3: Add Filter Target: “Pitch” equals “F#1” with boolean operator “and”

I know my next steps will need to be within parenthesis, with “or” operators between them. But how do I specify notes that are [closest to the “and” beats]?

If you can show me how to specify the nearest note to the “and” of beat 1, I can extrapolate the other four steps.

Thanks in advance!

Have a look at Position: Inside Bar Range.

Thanks, Steve. I got it now!