Logical editor should be able to add events to new positions

Repeating this feature request from previous versions:

It would be really nice to have support in the logical editor for creating continuous controller slopes, and on on multiple tracks at the same time. This is really hard to do with any external GUI automation, so basically it would need support from Cubase itself to be a viable workflow.

Currently the logical editor can only add new events to positions where old ones already exist, so you can’t use it to do “create a new CC11 slope from 0 to 127 inside cycle”.

To make this even more useful, there should be an option to do context-sensitive CC changes with this. With all this, you could create a logical editor preset that is, for example, “linear change from PREVIOUS_VALUE to 0 inside cycle”. This would be immensely useful, as you could create a global diminuendo on a big arrangement with one keyboard shortcut.

Different slopes would of course be very welcome as well here.

For an example, see an animated GIF of a rough Python script I wrote for REAPER that does this. Disregard the dialog box UI in this – Cubase should do it through the logical editor. The example is on a single track but obviously once you have this kind of thing automated it can be applied to all the tracks at the same time. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8520185/cc_editor.gif


Excellent! Would be very useful.

Yep, I think that the logical editor should be turned into a scripting language, say javascript, python, vbscript or some such language (photoshop allows you to various languages).