Logical Editor to detect Parallel 5ths / Octaves?

Hey guys,

I’m curious as to if anyone has found a way to detect parallel 5ths or octaves in the note editor. Octaves I suppose could be detected visually using the note color option, but parallel 5ths would be great.

I’m thinking maybe a Logical Editor preset that selects 5ths.

Anyone have any clever ideas?

Thanks so much! :smiley:

I managed to obtain this result (more by good luck than by good management :wink: )…
perfect fifths.jpg

Hey vic!

Your posts have helped me many times so its really cool to see you respond :slight_smile:

Is this chord based? If so in a contrapuntal texture it might not cover all the ground. Its a shame that the Logical Editor doesn’t have a ‘Select Interval’ function. There has to be some workaround.

No, I didn’t have a Chord track in this example.
To see the extent to which the Logical Editor can meet your needs here, create a Target Line…
Context Variable___Equal___[then click/hold the “Parameter 1” field, to see the pop-up options. Here, I selected “Position in Chord (Part)”, then click/hold “Parameter 2” to see what is available.]
Notice that, in my screenshot, the third “chord” didn’t have any note selected in it, because that chord didn’t contain a perfect fifth :wink:.
Obviously, it is calculating the “perfect fifth”, based on what it considers the chord to be… I didn’t (yet) try this other than with the chords in root position… not sure how it would handle 1st or 2nd inversions, for example :wink:.

Inversions are handled wonderfully, as long as there is a 3rd for Cubase to use to figure out which is the 5th and which is the root.

It doesn’t have the function of freely searching for a particular interval, except in the context of a chord it can recognize. That type of thing would be pretty cool though.

Makes sense, Vic :smiley:

Steve, thanks for chiming in! Glad you agree that it would be a pretty cool feature. Maybe in the future :wink:

Thanks guys!

A couple years ago I took a Coursera MOOC called Write ‘Like Mozart’, although it could have more accurately been titled ‘Write using the Constraints Generally In Effect at the Time of Mozart’ - but where is the zing in that. Full disclosure I still cannot write like Mozart. :astonished:

Anyway one of the student’s wrote a program to check voice leading. To use it you need to export to MusicXML. Then open that in a text editor, copy the XML and paste that into the site. It does not like empty bars at the start. So if you had a part that ran from bar 25 to 48 you wanted to check, temporarily move it to bar 1 before doing the export.


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