Logical Editor to disable Channel Strip when track is soloed?


Re: Logical Editor/Macro to disable Channel Strip (or individual items on it, perhaps) when track is soloed?

Why needed: An instrument track uses a Side-Chained gate on the Channel Strip. When the track is soloed obviously nothing is played since the gate is not receiving input.

Before I go reinventing the wheel, I thought I’d ask to see if someone 1) can suggest a workflow or preference setting I may be missing here, or, 2) has a Logical Editor set-up to accomplish this, which might be invoked by Macro when needed.

Obviously we want to toggle this behavior since it is only needed for tracks with side-chained gates.

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There is a function, you can assign a Key Command to. The function is in the Mixer > Bypass: Channel Strip. But this one bypass Strips of all track. This is probably not, what you are asking for, right?

Thank you Martin. I’ll try that and it may be very useful.

I also found if I use “Solo Defeat” on the track and the Listen Bus sort of gets the workflow I was looking for. I’ll experiment with the Key Command function you mention. Thanks for saving me time.

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